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Coen van der Kley – Netherlands & Belgium, CEO

Coen van der Kley, CEO – CFO Centrum, Netherlands & Belgium

Coen is an entrepreneurial CFO with over 25 years of experience in Financial and management positions. He is a chartered accountant with experience as an auditor and management consultant with Coopers & Lybrand. He has extensive international experience with US corporates in FMCG (Nike) and automotive (Covisint), both in European management positions.

He has worked for the largest Dutch staffing agency (Randstad) and in several SME sized companies as a full time and part-time CFO.

Already for over 10 years, Coen has run his own company, initially in financial interim management and later expanded into interim positions in marketing, communications and HR.

For a while he was considering the idea to offer financial management services or financial support on a part-time basis to SME sized companies.
In cooperation with the UK FD Centre Group he is now responsible for Het CFO Centrum in The Netherlands.


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