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Gary Chan – Hong Kong & Greater China Director

Gary Chan, Director – The CFO Centre, Greater China

Gary is a Canadian Chartered Accountant. He received his Master in Accounting and Bachelor in Mathematics degrees from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Gary started off his career as an auditor with KPMG in Toronto, Canada under the firm’s real estate practice. He then moved back to Hong Kong and joined Deloitte Hong Kong under their corporate advisory and transaction services practice. Through the various areas of service that Gary was involved in during his seven years with Deloitte, Gary has acquired the skills in effectively gaining insights into companies and identifying issues (including issues in cash flow, working capital, profitability, operational risks, etc.) through financial analysis and has been offering advice to mitigate issues and to improve operations accordingly.

Subsequent to Deloitte, Gary has taken on an investment position with Goldman Sachs’ Fixed Income Division, during which he broadened his knowledge in different industries across different countries in Asia. He later joined Creat Capital, the offshore investment arm of Creat Group, a Beijing based Chinese conglomerate, and helped the group established two joint venture private equity platforms with RIT Capital Partners plc. During his tenure with Creat, Gary has also assisted the Chairman of the group devising business strategies in the Chairman’s capacity as the board member of two listed companies.

Throughout his career, Gary has accumulated vast experience in various different industries including real estate, conventional and renewable energy, oil and gas, telecoms, media and technology infrastructure, healthcare and consumer products.


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