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Rajarshi Datta – India, CEO

Rajarshi Datta, CEO – The CFO Centre India

Rajarshi Datta is a strategically minded finance professional with significant finance experience and proven track record, including 18 years of varied experience in Consulting and in Finance, Operations, Auditing, Budgeting, Taxation, Sales and Business Development.

Prior to joining the CFO Centre (part of the FD Centre in UK) in Oct 2014, Raj has merited becoming one of the youngest CFOs in the country. His experience includes having led finance and operations in global agencies like Ogilvy and Euro RSCG at branch level and being promoted as CFO within one and a half years of service in Clear Channel in India (world’s No. 1 outdoor advertising company). Rajarshi worked as the Business Head in Clear Channel during the last two years of his service and  handled the entire operations of the company in India.

He has since worked with SMEs, co-founded a design and communications boutique called ODD and advised and partnered various entrepreneurs and businesses, enabling them with creating vision and accelerating growth while increasing profitability


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