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£30 million of government money needs to be invested in the next eighteen months. Around 20 or 30 companies will benefit, make sure you are in a pole position to get your share.


Do you need between £200,000 and £2 million to grow your business but are unable to access debt funding?

If you:

  • are an established, profitable business with positive cash flows,
  • have an incentivised management team with a proven track record,
  • are operating in a growth market,
  • are generating strong margins with a scalable business model,
  • have your principal place of business in the UK or can illustrate why investment will be of demonstrable benefit to the UK,
  • meet the EU definition of an SME,

then Octopus may have the answer!

Octopus Investments is responsible for managing £30 million of the government’s Capital for Enterprise Fund (“CfE”). We have several clients backed by Octopus and have developed excellent relations with them over the last four years. As a result we have established a fast track route to help qualifying clients get access to money from CfE. In order to achieve this we have committed to ensure that only properly pre-qualified applicants are presented to Octopus.

All potential applicants for funding should be channeled through Andrew Daw, at [email protected], in the first instance. He will help package the application so that we can ensure we maintain consistency of quality and manage the relationship.

Octopus has the mandate for London, the South West, East Anglia, West Midlands and Wales to would deal directly with businesses in those areas. Another £30 million is managed by Aberdeen Asset Managers and covers the rest of England and Scotland. Opportunities in Aberdeen’s area will be passed to them.


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