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Our Hotels

The von Essen collection offers a variety of stunning properties of distinct character, from the small and intimate, to the grand and gracious. Whether you’re looking for a return to a bygone era of grandeur and gentle opulence or a more relaxed, informal country house experience, you will find the perfect property to suit your requirements with von Essen hotels.

Whilst each hotel offers a unique experience with individual personalities and features, the hotels have been placed into four sets: The Country Set, The Classic Set, The Family Set and The Continental Set. These four distinct yet complementary sets have been created to help you select the most appropriate ambience of property for your particular occasion.

Bridges Wharf Hotel will be the first hotel in The Metropolitan Set, and is currently under development and is due to be completed in 2009.

Professionalism, first class service and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a von Essen hotel as a meeting or conference venue. Whether you require a special business retreat offering quiet seclusion and unique ambience appropriate to important business matters or you are hosting a major conference, product launch or a team-building exercise, our collection of hotels provides the greatest opportunity for success.

Also available, either on-site or nearby, is an impressive selection of country pursuits, from clay pigeon shooting and off-road driving, to ballooning, horse riding, leisurely boat cruises and helicopter sight-seeing trips.

If you’re looking to break away from the ordinary conference or business meetings venue, these are the conference hotels that can provide you with the event to beat them all!   Where are we?   With 27 unique properties across the United Kingdom and France, we hope to have a hotel just where you need one! Please follow this link to find our exact locations. Or visit www.vonessenhotels.co.uk to link through to all our Hotels.

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