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Nurturing Prospects

Nurturing Prospects

Nurturing potential customers has traditionally been a costly exercise that demands a lot of your time and yet delivered certain returns. However, today technology allows us to turn that on its head with very little cost and measurable returns.

Being simplistic nurturing is all about gaining credibility within your target audience, so that they at least consider using you or your organisation if and when the need arises.

An effective way of nurturing is making highly relevant and timely information available to your audience in byte size chunks. The information has to be valuable to the target otherwise your credibility drops rather than rises. You must continue to remember the purpose of these communications is to continually demonstrate how knowledgeable you are in this field – you cannot and must not sell anything overtly; otherwise your cover is blown and you will do more damage than good!

So why do it? If you do it right, your day will come – if you have continually provided valuable information; chances are when something needs done they will consider discussions with you if only to bounce ideas off you. It’s only then that you begin the process of selling.

So in summary what you need is good news feeds aligned to you target audience which you can categorise and re-use as you see fit, segmentation of your prospects and a way of topping and tailing your message. Length of communication should be no more than half a page and provide hyperlinks to a web site to provide more information.

Definitely a case of less is more.

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